Track Address: 24558 1100 E Street Walnut, IL 61376

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"A Safe, Fun, Family Atmosphere"

Q...How much does it cost to practice? 

A...It depends on the membership option you choose.CLICK HERE 

Q...How much does it cost to race?


​Q...Do both parents need to sign the minor release and minor membership form?

A...YES if at all possible both parents need to sign the annual practice forms.

Q...How can I get the minor forms notarized?

A...We are not requiring minor forms to be notarized at this time due to COVID-19

Q...My parents cannot come with me and I am a minor. How can I ride? Is there a guardian form or something? I don't see it on your website.

A...At this time we are not allowing ANY minor (17years or younger) to ride without a parent present at the track.       We anticipate this to change once the COVID-19 crisis in over.

Q...How are your practices run? Is it open or in sessions?

A...All of our weekend practice days are sessions for size and skill level. A/B big bikes, C big bikes, 65/85/beginners, Quads (if they are here during bike times). We will combine or further split the big bike sessions depending on size. 

Q...What about the 50's, where are they in the rotation?

A...50cc bikes do not run on the main track during a regular practice day. IF however the practice day is followed by a race day that includes 50cc bikes we will make sessions for them on  the main track.

Q...Can I take pictures on the infield during a practice or race day?

A...We have a CLOSED infield during all practice and race days. If you are a photographer please make prior arrangements either by facebook messeger or thru our contact us section. CLICK HERE