Track Address: 24558 1100 E Street Walnut, IL 61376

"A Safe, Fun, Family Atmosphere"

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*Due to COVID-19 things are different than you are used to. We ask for your patience and cooperation as we work through this change in process. Your safety is our #1 concern

 Practice Membership is required

*  Have ALL memberships, minor release forms completed BEFORE you get here.   

      NO MINORS WITHOUT PARENTS ON SITE FOR NOW! (We will not allow any minor to ride without parent on site)   
*  Gate staff will be wearing face masks or shields and abide social distancing of 6 FT
*   Adult release waiver will be signed by all adults who enter.
*   We will NOT be accepting credit/debit cards at this time! BRING CORRECT CHANGE CASH ONLY!!
*   You must park  maintaining 10 feet between vehicles 

*    Maintain 6' social distancing 
No more that 1 extra person/rider
*  Masking is recommended if you are not riding and for anyone unable to maintain 6 Ft distancing rule.

* Rotation= A/B big bikes, C big bikes, 65/85/beginner

* 50cc bikes ONLY ride the 50 track on a practice day that is not followed by a race day.

​* DO NOT LEAVE YOUR TRASH! What you bring in you take out! BRING YOUR OWN TRASH BAGS!


Print and complete forms prior to arrival!